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Swiss to the core.

The client: Swiss Army Knife

The Brief: Demonstrating the versatility of the Swiss army knife

Our insight: the Knife is as versatile as the Swiss that made it

The Set up:

The Swiss can hold their own in any arena, whether its European politics, banking, science and industry, or tennis. So it's no surprise that a knife created by the Swiss would be equal to any test you put it through.

Copy - Sophie Mark

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task rabbit takeover:

TaskRabbit is the Uber for chores. A complicit assistant in any mean task is only a tap away - except for one day it won't be a strapping guy or gal at your door 'cause much more capable help will arrive: the Swiss Army Knife. Everyone that orders a service on take over day will get the Swiss Army Knife delivered to them to use and to keep.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 9.40.12 AM.png

Product extension:

Along with the purchase of a shiny, versatile Swiss Army Knife, shoppers will receive the book, "The crazy, surprisingly wacky abbreviated history of Switzerland". It answers such questions as, "So what was Switzerland up to during those wars?" or, "How did they get into the shady banking business?".

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