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Illustrator. Strategist. Marketer. 

The recipe for me would be a tablespoon murder podcasts, 3 cups Francis Bacon and a sprinkle of OCD. 

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Creative Advertising and minors in Visual Communication and Marketing in 2019.

I tiptoe the line between left and right brain. Being a creative is at the heart of all I do, whether I'm sketching or making Coq au Vin or designing decks at work. But I also pride myself in strategic thinking and project management.

When I'm not working I am cooking whatever Half Baked Harvest put out that week while listening to The Last Podcast on the Left. And when I am not quarantining in a pandemic I am traveling. I miss my London flat and seeing the ice crusted Icelandic mountains and moss covered Scottish hills.

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