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The client: first response pregnancy test

The Brief: First response is the fastest test out there

Our insight: literally nobody would chose to wait longer for something, ESPECIALLY a pregnancy result

The Set up:

First Response is the most rapid pregnancy test on the market. When you could get results in three minuets and six days before competing products, it begs the question, who would wait?

Copy - McKeever Spruck

Hanging in there Ad


Pacing Ad
Juice Cleanse Ad
Subway ad

Out of home:


Touch screen bus stop ads will go up in cities and invite waiters to chose how much longer they would like to wait. If they chose to wait longer than they have to the bus stop will show its confusion.

Bus Stop:



It's a special kind of hell waiting outside an arena or venue. Only a crazy person would chose a longer wait and First Response is here to prove it by setting up shorter wait lines for those who want it.

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